Monday, July 28, 2014

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Chris McClung, Director of Transportation

Barbara Icenhower, Assistant

Adam Harkins

Graham County Schools
52 Moose Branch Road
Robbinsville, NC 28771
Telephone: 828-479-3339

School Bus Routes: 

Bus 2 Shirley Carpenter - Upper Mtn Creek, Shepards Creek, Old and New Fort Hill, Old Sweetwater Road, 5 Point Road, Ingles.

Bus 4  Stuart Nelms  -  Long Creek, Poison Branch, Eller Branch, Junaluska Road. (high school)

Bus 5  Brent Icenhower  - Dillard Orr Road, Old 129, Lower Mtn Creek, Gregory Hollow, East Buffalo, Olives Creek, Rye Field, Ground Squirrel, Cross Creek Road. (high school)

Bus 6 Lisa Hill  -  Upper Atoah to intersection, Milltown, Snidertown by Milltown Grocery, Knight Street. (high school).

Bus 7  Joey Phillips  -  Upper Tallulah, Jutts Creek, Anderson Creek, John Riddle Road, South 129, Calvary Church, Long Branch.

Bus 8  Bobby HowellLittle Snowbird, Cornsilk, Hunting Boy Road, Snowbird, New Hope. (Snowbird Sfter School)

Bus 9  Lucas Ford  -  Upper Atoah, Lower Atoah, IU Gap. (high school)

Bus 10  Judy Stewart  -  Fontana, Yellow Branch, NC 28 to Johnson Gap.

Bus 11  Dianne Wiggins  -  Jackson Branch, Massey Branch, Willie Colvin Road, Moose Branch.

Bus 12  Marvin Lail  -  Lower Stecoah, Wildcat Gap, Upper and Lower Sawyers Creek, Upper and Lower Tuskeegee.

Bus 13 Forsythia Cable  -  Upper and Lower Panther Creek, Tobacco Branch, H Edwards Road, Wolfe Creek.

Bus 14  Rance Shuler  -  Monroe Edwards Road, Lower and Upper Stecoah, Billy Holder Road, Hydetown Road, Dry Creek, Sweetwater Mountain. (Stecoah After School)

Bus 15  Lorie Waldroup  -  Yellowhammer, Meadow Branch, New Road, Farley Branch, Old Field Gap, Tapoco, Grace Tabernacle Road, Rodney Orr Bypass. (Handicapped,high school)

Bus 16  Kristy Cable  -  Yellow Creek, Anderson Hollow, North 129, George Turpin Road.

Bus 17  Dana Dockery  -  Cochrans Creek, Goldmine, Gladdens Creek, Thunderbird, Santeetlah Shores.

Bus 18  Sam Mcclung  -  Beech Creek, Pinhook, 143 (Sweetwater), Slaybacon, England Branch, Upper Sweetwater, Orr Branch 

Bus 48  Bucky Brown -  Main Street, Lynns Place, Dick Branch, Ford Street. (Snowbird After School)

Bus 49  Sandra Odom  -  Franks Creek, Old Tallulah, Phillips and Jordan.

Bus 51  Pam Knott - Old Tallulah Road, Bert's Creek, Mill Creek, South 129, Ted and Ted Village, Colvin Hill. (high school).

Bus 67  Stephanie Goodpaster  -  West Buffalo, Huffman Creek, Buchanan Branch, Claude Rogers Road.

Bus 2001  Adam BrooksAnthony Branch, Campbells Creek, Harris Creek, Tallulah (handicapped, high school)

Bus 2003  Renese Millsaps  -  High School, N. Main Street, The Stable, Elementary School.