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The Graham County Indian Education Office has seven staff positions in the program:

  Manager- Marcia Hollifield

The program manager coordinates all activities and supervises personnel.  The director must maintain a balanced budget, submit necessary paperwork, and attend committee meetings.


K-3 Tutor /Advisor -Paige Wachacha Gross

The K-3 Tutor/ Advisor works with teachers and provides students with individual instruction in areas of difficulty.

 4-6 Tutor/Advisor -Sherry Wachacha

The 4-6 Tutor/ Advisor assists in classroom instruction and works with students individually.

Middle School Tutor/Advisor- April Johnson

The Middle School Tutor/Advisor provides individual instruction to Native American students and works closely with teachers to monitor students' progress.

High School Tutor/Advisor -Brenda Norville

The High School Tutor/Advisor works closely with the Guidance Counselor and assists students with class work and future plans.

Cherokee Language Teacher -Alaina Rattler Haney

The Cherokee Language Teacher teaches written and spoken Cherokee in elementary classrooms.

Cherokee History Teacher -Brent Icenhower

The Cherokee History Teacher teaches the history of the Cherokee to high school students.  

Cherokee Language Teacher- Shirley Oswalt

 Cherokee language classes team-taught in the Cherokee History class to HS students.